Cocoon Silk Unity Veil in White

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The Wedding Unity Veil (or Couple Veil) is a traditional element of Filipino Catholic weddings. The Veil is draped over the couple's shoulders to represent God's protection (Catholic ceremonies) or the love of friends and family. The Veil symbolizes the couple's togetherness, now facing the world as one.
Characterized with elegance and comfort, it's texture will add to the refinement of your wedding. Often times, it may also resemble your classic outfits through polishing.

Though the Unity Veil is a conventionally Catholic tradition, we encourage you to incorporate Filipino ceremony accessories into your wedding day, no matter your religious background.

Our Embroidered Unity Veil features scalloped edging and large floral motifs We recommend letting your veil air out a few days before your wedding ceremony to allow for the fabric to loosen and folds to smooth out.

How To Incorporate It Into Your Wedding

In traditional Filipino weddings, the Veil Sponsors drape the veil onto the married couple, pinning each end onto either the bride's veil, dress, or suit near or at shoulder height. The Unity Cord is then placed over the Veil as part of the Filipino tradition.


  • Length: 28.75" x 64.25"
  • Material:¬†Cocoon
  • Designed and made in the Philippines
  • Embroidered heavily with floral motifs like¬†swirling stems and delicate petals
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Cocoon Veil - The Wedding Library
Cocoon Veil - The Wedding Library
Cocoon Veil - The Wedding Library