Care Instructions

Both copper and brass are gorgeous metals for jewellery. These bracelets have been handmade with either pure, untreated brass or copper to get the maximum personality out of these beautiful versatile metals.

  • Since the copper and brass is untreated, it will change colour over time, developing a beautiful natural patina. This patina is coveted by many, so feel free to leave as is a more rustic look.
  • To maintain a bright shine, polish regularly with a jewellery cloth.
  • If your piece has tarnished significantly, it can always be easily cleaned with a high-quality jewellery cloth or polishing pad. You can even make your own environmentally-friendly DIY cleaner with from your kitchen – such a lemon juice and salt, or even soy sauce! 
  • When putting on and removing your bracelet, be careful to not over-bend the bracelet as this can cause the bracelet to lose its shape over time.
  • Note: Due to the nature of pure copper or brass, some people get a bit of green on their skin where they wear their jewellery. Don't fret! This is perfectly normal and harmless. The green washes away easily with some soap and water.