10 Filipino Bridesmaids Gifts You Can Get Outside The Philippines

10 Filipino Bridesmaids Gifts You Can Get Outside The Philippines

“For better, for worse / for richer, for poorer / in sickness and in health / to love and to cherish / til death do us part”--haven’t you already promised this to someone else? 

Before you start thinking that we’re accusing you of having a scandalous telenovela backstory, relax lang... we’re talking about your BFF’s!   

Your wedding day is a celebration of love, hope, joy, and all the things that make life worth living. And it goes without saying that none of it would be possible (or nearly half as special) without the people you’re celebrating it with. 

But as you are swept into the chaos known as wedding planning, finding that perfect gift to show your appreciation to your first loves (aka your wedding party) can get buried under the hundred and one things you had to get done yesterday

Don’t worry, kaibigan! We’ve rounded up 10 thoughtful Filipino bridesmaid gifts that say, “thank you for being my bridesmaid for a day, and my sister for life” the Pinoy way! 


Handmade to order with “love” in the Filipino dialect of your choice,  these love bracelets have the same senti [sentimental] feels of the friendship bracelets you used to make for each other as kids, but fancier… much fancier.   

Buy 4 or more pieces of our jewelry for you and your entire gang, and automatically get a 10% discount.  


Photo credit Hope Berena 

Whether you’re channeling a demure dalagang Filipina [Filipina maiden] or a fearless telenovela heroine that went on to build her own empire, this pamaypay would make a perfect photoshoot accessory and Filipino bridesmaid gift. Hand-embroidered by artisan barong makers, these fans exude the same Filipino flair as barongs themselves.

Did you know that back in the day, Filipinas used their pamaypays to send signals to their suitors? Learn more about this secret love language in our blog. 


Take the whole idea of matching pamaypays to the next level with one you can put your stuff in. Each clutch is handwoven using Abaca [Manila hemp], one of the strongest natural fibers in the world, so you already know these little beauties are built to last… just like you and your girls. 


If you like your earrings like you like your friends (we mean fun, comfy, and made in the Philippines), then our ear cuffs are your best bet! Plus, they make for a really versatile Filipino bridesmaid gift cuz literally anyone can wear them, no piercings needed!

Who knew ear cuffs could be so classy? Our Cecilia Filigree Ear Cuffs are made by plateros [silversmiths] using the ancient art of gold filigree, combining old-world elegance with modern sensibility.

Want something that gives off a more casual vibe? Go for our Perla Cuffs, which are made with baroque pearls, straight from our Philippine seas.  


Whether you’ve known each other since you were kids or you turn into absolute kids when you’re together, flower earrings are that perfect combination of playful charm and timeless elegance. 

Wanna know the best thing about our Flora Perla Threader Earrings?  You can put your own spin on them, and wear them however you like! Wear them high, low… or a mix of both, depending on your mood.  

Aren’t these the most adorable little gumamelas you’ve ever seen? Our hand-cut Gumamela Mother of Pearl Earrings are a Filipina bridesmaid gift that will surely make it to your friends’ weekly rotation 🌺 

Looking to give each friend a different flower to make it more personal? Check out (below, from left to right) our Caida Bloom Drops, Lila Pearl Earrings, Silk Bloom Drop Earrings, Flores Mini Earrings, and Mariana Capiz Earrings, which all feature flowers that remind you of home.



Unfortunately, teleporting hasn't been invented yet, but you can gift your wedding party with the next best thing: scented candles. Certain scents can take you straight back to your favorite place, or your fondest memories. Transport your loved ones to the homeland with Pinay-owned and operated Kilig Candle Co.’s signature scents. And if you need a little more convincing, their candles don’t just smell good, they do good too! For every candle you purchase from them, 1 meal is given to a child in the Philippines. Talk about a gift that keeps on giving. 

Quick tip: Choose a signature scent for your wedding and give out matching scented candles (Save a couple for yourself!) to magically bring back all the feels you had on your special day in a single whiff.  


Nothing says “I hope you love yourself as much as I love you” like a DIY spa day your besties could do in the comfort of their own homes. Give them the gift of relaxation with this treasure trove of soaps, lotions, and potions that’ll not only help them reconnect with themselves, but with their Pinoy roots too. 


They say that with enough coffee, nothing is impossible, and don’t you feel the same way when you’re with your squad? This Filipino bridesmaid gift lets them start off their day with a taste of home. And just when you thought it couldn’t get any better than that… Kuya Coffee sends $5 to Filipino community orgs for every pound of coffee they sell. 

PLANTERS by @dekorasyongifts 

Whether you have a houseplant or two, or you’re a self-professed plantito/plantita [meaning “plant aunt/ uncle,” it’s used to refer to hardcore plant-lovers], no one can deny that plants make us happy. Aren’t they the unofficial pets of 2021?  

These woven abaca [Manila hemp] planters by Pinay-owned Dekorasyon Gifts & Decor are a piece of the Philippines that would make a great addition to your besties’ homes... and make fabulous homes for any of their plant-babies! 


Wanna give a Filipino bridesmaid gift your friends will actually use? How about matching hoodies?   

Real talk: who isn’t in their sweats 99% of the time? If you’re wearing one as you read this, then… twinsies! Besides, who says power dressing’s limited to shoulder pads and tailored suits? These statement hoodies from Pinay Collection are jam-packed with girl power. Can we talk about how loud, brown, and proud (and cozy!) the lavender suplada [snob/unfriendly] hoodie is? 

Looking for the perfect gift for your bridesmaids and Filipino wedding party? Shop our collections 

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