10 Filipiniana Wedding Dresses For Every Style

10 Filipiniana Wedding Dresses For Every Style

A Western style wedding dress is what’s hot these days, but that’s because most people don’t know yet about Filipiniana! A Filipiniana wedding gown is the perfect way to celebrate your Filpino heritage while showing off your unique style. One might have originally planned an entirely different wedding concept but the chance to wear your heritage in front of your closest loved ones doesn’t happen everyday. Why pass that chance? 

You might not know it yet, but this list of Filipiniana bridal gowns is your Pinoy fairy tale wedding dream realized. 

We’ve rounded up a list of ten Filipiniana wedding gowns you’ll love, no matter your style. 



Bumgarner’s reimagined Filipinana bridal gowns are so exquisite that you might just forget about your future spouse and marry the gown instead. They are that gorgeous!

Mark Bumgarner’s modern Filipina collection showcases designs that are elegant, ethereal and simply divine. 

He envisions what the modern bride wants and creates masterpieces that will already make the whole wedding perfect. His pieces have definitely evolved through time but wearing it simply says I am modern, I am Filipina and I am proud. 

Gorgeous beige modern Filipiniana with an iteration of the Maria Clara sleeves by Mark Bumgarner. Photo from Mark Bumgarner website


Filipina master couturier, Jo Rubio, creates bridal gowns that celebrate love, honor Filipino heritage and show pride and love in wearing your culture. All these are seen in every stitch made, every flattering and classic silhouette and in every bride’s face.

When she was younger, Jo Rubio would watch her older brother sketch pretty dresses. She’d listen to him rave about the gorgeous outfits the elite crowd would wear atsociety parties and museums. His thrill for style and fashion naturally inspired Jo and ignited her passion for creating designs that are stunning and proudly Filipino.

Tea Length terno for the modern bride. Photo from Wedding Essentials Philippines


This Maria Clara has definitely changed – from the old fashioned and modest lady to a woman who owns her sexuality.

We think Filipiniana can only be worn during formal occasions. Worse, most of us believe this style is out of vogue. However, one must trust the master artisan in Hannah Kong. Her eye for beauty and her skill in design can spin wonders into an ordinary garment and produce pieces that blend classic Filipiniana with bold and daring style.

Maria Clara inspired elegant serpentine wedding dress makes a sexy Maria Clara.
Photo by Hannah Kong.


From the dreamy bridal gown to the no-frills wedding dress, Franko Barrio has it all. One thing is certain: whether you’re after the flamboyant look or the simple cut, it will always, always be striking and well-made.

As an expert in the world of bridal fashion, Franko Barrio communicates through his pieces. Then you can see that he is articulate in expressing what’s stylish and stunning and it translates well through his designs. That is why the modern Filipiniana bridal attire will always make his collections because he believes that the perfectly made Filipiniana will never go out of style.

A simple but beautiful Filipiniana bridal gown. You can confidently face the judge and your wedding guests in this modern Filipiniana by Franko Barrio. Photo from Franko Barrio’s Facebook page



Forget about beading or lace and explore the pina and sinamay fabric of the baro’t saya.

Getting married in Rosalyn Lagdameo’s traditional baro’t saya is the perfect way to express your unique style.

This ensemble doesn’t have to make a special appearance only during the month of August when Filipinos observe Buwan ng Wika. Take pride in your culture and wear your heritage on the most important day of your life - it will make your wedding day especially meaningful.  All thanks to Rosalyn Lagdameo and her flair for creating beautiful Filipiniana wedding gowns – traditional or reimagine. 

Go full-blown traditional Filipina bride in this baro’t saya wedding ensemble by Rosalyn Lagdameo.
Photo by Mango Red. 


If you ask me, I think every Filipina must have a traditional Filipino terno. A bride in this stunning piece would not just be the center of attention. She’ll be the talk of the town for a long time. It is anything but understated and that makes it the perfect bridal wear.

Cary Santiago’s work makes me want to have a few pieces of custom made ternos in my closet. A girl needs something elegant and luxurious and Cary Santiago is one of the best bespoke designers you go to for exactly that. Through his remarkable talent, wearing the classic terno as you walk down the aisle will fill you with Filipino pride.

Cary Santiago is all about making ternos in vogue again. Photo by photographer Patrick L. Uy.


If you want a well-executed and gorgeous Filipiniana wedding gown, Harley Ruedas is the genius designer who can create a traditional Filipiniana wedding ensemble every bride will love.

This talented Cebuano designer has gained a reputation in making modern wedding gowns but he can also produce this timeless Filipiniana. It is impeccably made that wearing it doesn’t seem over the top or too costumey. Except you feel that donning this attire is the most natural thing on Earth.

Working the panuelo like  a true Doña. Photo taken from Bernice Aizon on Pinterest


Everyone expects a vision in white. Aspire to be just that as well as to be unforgettable. Here’s another Jo Rubio masterpiece that will turn you into that unforgettable bride.

The daydreamer in the young Jo Rubio who fashioned outfits on her paper dolls when she was little certainly paid off. This romantic embroidered terno looks so heavenly, you just might have a hard time taking it off after the ceremony. 

Jo Rubio designs will turn your fairy tale Filipiniana wedding dream into a reality. Photo by Myio Okamoto from Bride and Breakfast.



Joey Samson’s modern terno is an inspiration for every future bride. Yes, you can walk down the aisle in trousers and still look divine.

If a classic terno is a Kundiman (a genre of traditional Filipino love songs), this pantsuit terno is just rock n’ roll. Joey Samson sure knows how to recreate the classic and turn it into something so different and new but still appropriate. 

Cool bride in a Joey Samson obra. Photo by photographer Gail Bitoon of Foreveryday Photography.


Barong Tagalog never looked so sexy in this Pineapple Industries creation.

Gone are the days when the barong is made only for men. This gender bending attire can be worn by both the bride and the groom which is exactly what Pineapple Industries is all about. They are made to measure and custom Barong Tagalog brand for all genders. All products are handmade in the Philippines and accessible in the United States and Canada. 

The Jeri Contemporary fit barong is available in both blouse and dress length.
Photo from Pineapple Industries.

Looking for Filipino jewelry to complement your wedding attire? Whether you choose to wear Filipiniana or not, you can wear your heritage and celebrate Filipino pride with jewelry designed and handcrafted in the Philippines. Shop our Filipino jewelry collection on Sinta & Co. and celebrate your full Filiipina self on your wedding day. 

Would you wear Filipiniana on your wedding day? Share with us in the comments!

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